Storybook PH: Remember Forever

I’ve heard all about it from my more than 7 years of working in Canon Philippines – lost digital files, corrupted storage media, closed-down photo archiving websites — lost memories because of things outside of our control.

Prior to having kids, I never really thought much about having printed photos. A lost photo of a night-out? Meh. For sure, some of my friends would still have a copy.

But photos of Santi and Lucia — noone else would keep it but me, especially since the husband is not much of a chronicler of moments.

“They grow up so fast.” This is soo true one moment, they are fragile newborns; the next time you blink, they are ninja-like toddlers. So documenting their tiny milestones is important! And you just cannot rely on Facebook to keep these wonderful moments forever!

I have never really thought of getting a photobook because in my mind, they are expensive. Surprisingly, this 40-page Classic Landscape book which I personally laid out at Storybook’s website is less than Php1,000! Not bad eh!

Here is our first Storybook (and I am sooo in love with it!) —

Here are some of my tips when ordering your photobook:

1. Since this is a story book, it is best to create a story with the pictures you will lay out.

2. Put all your photos in one folder so you don’t have to look for them all over different folders.

3. Divide the pages so you know what group of photos go into each page. As I said, make your layout tell the story.

4. Mix your layout. Create collage in some pages. Choose a page-wide photo in some.

These are just some of the things I did so as not to feel ovewhelmed when laying out the photos (because it can really be overwhelming, I tell you…haha!)

So there. I will be adding on to this storybook as we collect memories along the way. I am also excited to try their other products – Prints on Wood and Canvas Wall Art! I think it would look good on my photo wall, don’t you think?

For those who are still hesitating to print their photos, let me leave this video behind. LOL!