Rainbow Mamas PH

Our journey as an APAS parent doesn’t stop after successfully delivering our rainbow baby.

In all honesty, the road of motherhood can be as tumultuous as our difficult pregnancies, and yet, I would not trade it for anything else because it is oh-so-rewarding.

Over the course of my APAS pregnancies, I have met wonderful APAS mommies who have been my emotional support system. Many of them have remained as close friends despite not meeting them in person.


As APAS and RID mommies, we have an invisible bond that ties us all and I am always happy to meet a fellow APAS mama moreso, meet the warriors that give us so much happiness in our lives.

That is why I have created the group, Rainbow Mamas PH, to hopefully serve as an online haven of support for all rainbow mommies who would have any questions that go beyond the borders of their APAS or RID pregnancy.

Because now, we talk about something different: MOTHERHOOD and in its center, the love of our lives – our rainbow babies ❤

We have entered a new beginning – the life of a rainbow mama. So let’s cheer each other on! 

If you want to connect with fellow APAS (and RID) mamas, join us at Rainbow Mamas PH and let’s make this group a colorful space full of positivity and encouragement.

See you there!