It’s hard to give a gift to someone when that someone would say that he already has everything. 

Sooo… let me just start with this until I can find something that you would really need, hehe!

11 years. 11 birthdays with you. That’s one decade and one year that seemed to pass by so quickly. 

This year has been the toughest. I almost lost you to a bacteria but God has been most gracious to let me spend (hopefully) more decades with you. 

We have gone a long way from what was supposedly a funny Boracay story to being parents having the scare of their lives because of their children’s mischiefs;

from just the two of us enjoying our carefree drunken nights to experiencing the realities, joys and hells of adulting; 

from suffering great losses to holding on through heart surgeries and dysfunctional immune systems — all these events that molded us… YOU, especially, to become what you are right now.

What’s amusing is that I couldn’t say that you have changed a lot. You are as “chill” as you can ever be — still the old Eggy yet someone, who has changed all the same.

Because it is in the little things…

How you ALWAYS prioritize me and our family;

How you don’t seem to listen to my complaints but I see gradual changes;

How you are never, ever selfish with everything – from giving your time to providing the needs for our family to exerting an extra mile kahit ang hassle na. 

For all these things and more…

… thank you!

Thank you for being the man that you are for Santiago to emulate when he grows up. 

Thank you for being the man that you are for Lucia; I know, as early as now, that she will be daddy’s little girl. 

Thank you for the man that you are for me; you make it easier for me to fulfill my promise to God to submit to you as your wife until we grow old and grey. 

We love you, Pooch. Happiest birthday and I pray that God grant you everything your heart desires. 


Balot, Santi and Lucia ????