Rediscovering my love for computer games

Okay… sooo! I have been feeling pretty burned out over the past few weeks and I know that I have been neck-deep with the different things I do. I know that I have not been getting myself some relaxation and I have promised myself to cut myself some slack in the next few weeks to come.

I really love computer games when I was a kid. I was addicted to the Sims (who wasn’t?!), Age of Empires, Starcraft (eep, I am revealing my age here) –

With our mobile phones, it has been pretty convenient to play games. I loved Plants vs. Zombies, Sim City, and all those restaurant games. I haven’t been playing for a while though stumbling upon lately was such a joy!

They have a wide range of free and fun online games which can quickly be played from the browser, either from your phone or your laptop! I explored some of the games and it was very nostalgic!

Here are some of the games I tried! *hope I don’t get addicted to these, haha*

The first game I tried is of course a simulation game that’s patterned after Sim City. It’s called Lego Build & Protect. I love this game so much as it combines cute lego structures (which my kids and husband love assembling) and creating a city! Check out in this video below:

The second one I tried is called Penguin Cafe and is a restaurant game which is similar to the ones I have played before! It is also soo exciting to see soo many food games on this site!

Here’s a sneak peek of their site but best to check them out, really, so that you can see if the games you love are there, too!

Something that I probably want would be some plant games which I haven’t seen yet although add games every month so definitely excited for new games to come!

Have you come across this website yet? Check it out and share with me your experience about it!