October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

woman in gray tank top while sitting on bed


I have been inactive with my blog over the past few months. Things have been really busy since Covid happened. Juggling my businesses, moving forward with my coaching endeavor, and spending quality time with the kids have been tough to manage as professional and personal boundaries were challenged.

But all is good. All is good.

Today, I just wanted to drop by to honor all the angels we have lost in this journey. My little Basti & Basti are always missed and they are one of the big reasons why I am so passionate with my advocacy.

I just recently launched by Lost but Found Sisterhood, which is a support group for women who need a tribe who would understand them in their journey and their grief. As a coach, I have wanted to really work with women both as a Certified Grief Coach and as a Life Coach to help them move forward and reach their highest potential. If you feel that this is something for you (whether you need support or want to give support to our fellow sisters), do join! We will be more than happy to have you there.

In the meantime, take care everyone and wishing you and your family safe and sane days ahead!

Love and light,