Publishing My First Book – Lost But Found

No tears in the writer, no tears in the reader. No surprise in the writer, no surprise in the reader. – Robert Frost

I wrote my third article in Smart Parenting Philippines as June is APAS Awareness Month. In the article, I expressed my biggest dream of wanting to put up a foundation in the future that would:

  • Raise funds to organize lay forums across the country and to invite medical experts to enlighten women and couples RID;
  • Mobilize dedicated groups to lobby healthcare programs, primarily catering to those who are financially challenged, and conducting studies that could help us understand and manage these disorders better;
  • Conduct awareness campaigns to help the public know and understand about this condition, so they’d be more sensitive when dealing with couples who do not have children yet.

Based on my initial research, one needs to come up with Php1M pesos to put up a foundation. How to make that happen? I don’t really know but I am starting out in my own circle of influence.

This year, I am planning to launch my first book about APAS. It outlines the struggles that I had when I had my miscarriages and how my family has overcome this condition that is growing at a very alarming rate. I am donating part of the proceeds to the “Foundation Fund” in the hopes of just starting something up. I believe that we have to start somewhere so this is the only thing I know on how I can possibly jumpstart the fundraising for this foundation I am dreaming of.

This book with the working title, Lost But Found, has been a passion project for many, many, many years.

During my younger years, all I wanted was to write a book. But never did I imagine that the book I would be writing would be an exposé of the darkest times of my life. Writing this book has been painful and cathartic at the same time and I wish that I can give justice to the journey of my fellow RID warriors.

Everything is WIP as of the moment! Haha!

Looking back, I know why my stars were aligned the way they were designed. I had to go through all the pricks and needles to reach this point so that God can use me. He gave me the gift of words so I can hopefully change a small part of this world through what I write. I can only hope that in my own little way, I would be able to make a difference to pay forward the blessings that God has graciously bestowed to me and Edzel and my whole family.

If you are interested to join this advocacy and want a copy of my book (in the near future), please join my mailing list by entering your email address below!

I would love for you to join me to make this dream a reality. Happy weekend everyone.