How To Make Paper Bags Out of Old Magazines

Welcome to another how-to Mondays. Today, I will run you through a little green trick I have “mastered” last week in time for my first bazaar last Saturday — how to make paper bags out of old magazines.
Here goes:

Check out the step-by-step instructions (with pictures) here:
1] Look for pretty pages in magazines. Something with captivating photos and preferably less texts. Fashion ads are the best *wink*. Using a cutter and a ruler, cut the pages neatly.
2] Glue the horizontal edges together. In my case, I only needed small paper bags for my bracelets. If you want bigger paper bags, you can glue two magazine pages together.
3] Fold the left and the right side of your folded magazine pages in same width.
4] Open them up and tuck down on each side, folding the crease inwards to make an accordion effect.
5] Fold the bottom of the bag around two to three inches.
6] Create another fold for easier folding later on.
7] Open the bottom part.
8] You will see a triangle of folded paper on the sides.
9] Fold the left and the right sides of the rectangle open.
10] You will be getting an octagon-shaped bottom.
11] Fold the top and bottom part of the octagon towards the center and glue overlapping edges.
12] You got yourself some nifty, cute paper bags! *big grin*
Hope you liked this little tutorial on how to recycle those old magazines! Go green!