In the meantime, I trust. I trust that He will provide what it is that I need.

How about you, love? Have you ever been propelled to an entirely different direction because of a dream you want to pursue? Being thrown off out of your comfort zone? How did you go about it? 

I love this verse from Matthew 6:26. It gives me the assurance and comfort that everything will be okay despite the fact that I do not waddle in the corporate world anymore [read: steady income down the drain].
I didn’t know that my writing would somehow matter in these times. I always thought that it was for my personal consumption. But I have been getting some trickles of writing jobs here and there that allow me to contribute even a little to our household expenses. Edzel has been awesome, providing for everything that we need in the house but I cannot stop feeling guilty sometimes. Again, I know that it is my pride talking.
I have recently joined a community of work-at-home moms on Facebook. I envy how they got it all figured out. Bounce me in any corporate matters and I will rise by it with flying colors but this whole “figure-this-as-you-go-along” thing — oh man!
But yes, God provides me with sanity, one day at a time. It could be a writing job or a friend talking to me the whole day or an incessant chore that I need to do (and would usually occupy one whole day). Just this morning, I landed a part-time job offer for an awesome Australian company — I was looking for something to do at home, exercise my brain cells and save a little. This was another of God’s answers. And there is another bonus — this company is all about health and wellness and how to improve your lifestyle. Isn’t it Providence?

I may not be doing what I want to do for now, but I am sure that this is what I should be doing at this point in time.

I may not be doing what I want to do for now, but I am sure that this is what I should be doing at this point in time. Staying at home makes me more attuned to my role as a wife as I get to talk to my husband more during the day, cook for him and take care of making our home a wonderful place to go home to [hopefully]. It also helps me focus on that one dream that I want more than anything else, the main reason why I have quit anyway and that is to prepare myself to hopefully have a baby.
Have I slowed down according to my physician’s orders? Yes, I think so. In a significant way, if I may say. Am I still learning despite the fact that I just stay at home? Yes, I do. In a whole new perspective but still learning — to cook, to bake — and admittedly, I have a looonggg way to go.