Happy 1st Birthday, Eggy and your Happy Heart!

It has been 18 days since the start of 2018 and I haven’t touched a single post on this blog! Everything is saved as drafts but I haven’t had the energy to dwell on my thoughts the past weeks because of the ever-playful human being developing in my tummy.

But today is different.

Why, you may ask?

Because today is the ultimate celebration of life.

Exactly a year ago, my little family has survived what could be the direst moment of our life – the husband undergoing a heart surgery because a bacteria ate his heart. Yes, you heard that right – some friggin’ bacteria ate his heart.

A week before we discovered the husband’s condition, I brought him to the ER because he had acute gastroenteritis after our trip from Bacolod. He was prescribed some medicine that caused another allergy breakout and I had to rush him again to the ER.

When his gastro symptoms were resolved, the ER doctor was prudent enough to note that Eggy was still having labored breathing despite the fact that he was just sitting in the ER, reading a newspaper. That prompted an ECG, which led to a 2D Echo and the rest, as they say, is history.

We transferred from Asian Hospital to the Philippine Heart Center and upon another set of evaluation, the surgeon told us that he needed to be operated on ASAP. Open heart surgery. My head reeled. It was a terrifying situation to be in.

Open heart surgery??! That was how grave it was?!!

We asked our doctors what could have caused it but they said it just happens. Freak accidents. Oh, how lucky we are! Dapat talaga tumataya na kami sa lotto, eh!

But kidding aside, it was devastating. It has been more than a week since we have slept with Santi who was left at home with the care of his Nanay, our yaya. To be away from the little boy was terrible. To not know the certainties of Eggy’s operation was even worse.

Getting strength and positive vibes from my rock before the big day. ????

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But God was and is always good. He has never abandoned us in all our challenges.

Through prayers and the thousands of support we got from our families and friends, our amazing medical team, Dr. Jun Javelosa and Dr. Rommel Carino and the amazing staff of Philippine Heart Center, today, a year ago, Edzel woke up with a new heart <3

He did not recognize me at first and tried to sucker punch me but still, I was beyond joy. He is awake. That’s the only thing that matters.

They say that the strongest hearts have the most scars. I couldn’t agree more.

As I look back on my 2017, there were a lot of challenges. But at the same time, there were also so many blessings. I just would like to share my message of gratitude from a year ago —