Think Twice Before Putting Lemon EO in your Water

Hey guys.

I have promised to become more engaged and more mindful with my craft- writing, essential oils, and everything that gives me that ‘happy’. So I made myself a commitment to update this blog at least once a week. 🙂

Two weeks ago, I launched my Youtube channel and started talking about essential oils.

The first topic that I addressed is about how powerful essential oils are and why you should think twice before ingesting them.

Truth is, I am not against ingestion. What I am against is people promoting casual ingestion of essential oils because there is a whole lot of experience (which even I don’t have) that you need to have before you could endorse the safe and proper way to take these essential oils internally.

In my Safety Masterclass with Robert Tisserand, I learned that ingestion of essential oils boils down to pharmacology. Many promoters of ingestion would often point to the French method of aromatherapy which includes taking the oils internally. This is, at times, misleading because in France, the internal usage of oils are regulated by medical professionals who know how to dose these oils properly and with the correct calculation. This means that the doses are based on the individual’s medical history – the medicines that he or she may be taking that could potentially interact with the essential oil, the weight of the person, how to convert drops to mg based on the dose you have determined (which is the main method for internal dosing in pharmacology), etcetera. You need to know about lethal doses (LD50), reference dose (RfD), the no-observed-adverse-effect level (NOAEL), and the systemic exposure dose (SED) – things that really need careful study.

So yes, internal dosing is a complicated concern that should not be taken lightly.

I would go deeper into this subject soon to share what I have learned about ingestion but in the meantime, please watch this video to see how powerful an essential oil is compared to your household alcohol. If common sense tells you you shouldn’t ingest alcohol, then maybe you’d think twice in taking that lemon essential oil, too!

Quick tip: Just take the fruit. Unlike the essential oil which is only consist of the chemical component, Limonene, the fruit would have vitamins that the essential wouldn’t have.

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Hope this helps. Enjoy!