“Terrible Two” is REAL!!!

OMG! Santi just punched me on the face.

I was gathering all my cool to not go into war with the kid and when I raised to a stern voice telling him that what he did was bad, he broke into a wailing and crying fit that didn’t want to end.

*patience, patience*

Well, hello working mom. This is what your son is up to now.

So just a little background of the scenario before the punching happened.

The kid was playing with his felt finger animals — these cuties below – when he started putting them on his mouth and chewing them.

I mildly told him not to do that because well, you shouldn’t eat your toys and they may be dirty. He still continued stuffing the duck in his mouth (oh heavens!), so I told him (I did not shout, I swear), “Santi, no.”

Apparently, the kid detests the word NO so he broke into his drama sobbing, which I did not mind. After a while, he continued playing with his other toys.

Around 10 minutes later, his dad picked him up and I went to them, told the kid to kiss mommy and there goes the sucker punch!


My tita, who takes care of Santi, told me that that is what he is into now. When you tell him no, he will find a way to retaliate. Maybe not now, but he will definitely come back at you!!!

Holy cow! This kid!!!! I sweaaar! Why??!WHY DID YOU HAVE TO INHERIT THIS GENE! LOL!

He didn’t want to sleep with us last night so he slept in his room with his Nanay.

This morning, it took him a while to make me pansin, but I just let him.

Though this got me thinking… hoooowww do you deal with this?

And this???? Howwww!!!! *silent cry*

I read all about positive reinforcement but hoooow, how do you not say no? I always talk to him after his tantrums even if he doesn’t seem to understand.

I sincerely pray that this gets better with time. And well, yeah… more patience for him, me and Tita as well.

How about you, mommies? Any helpful tips for this clueless mama?