Lucia’s Little Scare

I had a little scare the other day.

At around 5 PM, I asked my boss if I could leave a few minutes earlier because I thought I was having some crazy contractions. I went straight to the High-Risk Pregnancy Unit of St. Lukes BGC as per the advice of my perinatologist so that I could have myself checked. I was feeling a little odd since Friday, with Lucia>>, who doesn’t seem to stop moving and is seemingly awake 24/7. 

So they hooked me up to the cardiotocograph and monitored contractions and fetal heartbeat for three hours.

One of the bad things about having a repro-immune disorder is that you are always paranoid that something drastic is going on inside the tummy. We never really know what our immune system is doing to our baby, right? Sometimes, I do feel guilty that I seem to waste money on hospitalizations but common sense always tells me that it is better to be safe than sorry.

After three hours, the doctors ruled out premature contractions and told us that it is just Little Light doing her never-ending somersaults inside my tummy. Phew!

Guess we know what you’re gonna be when you grow up, Lucia love! Kiti-kiti like Mommy. Haha! 

See you soon, kiddo!