Is there a life coach in the Philippines?

Are you looking for a life coach in the Philippines but also wondering what we do? Then you have come to the perfect place.

A life coach is a professional with expertise in facilitating the coaching process and helps clients achieve their personal or professional goals. Professionally-trained life coaches facilitate a coaching conversation that is supportive to the client but is not directive (unlike mentoring). Essentially, life coaches helps individuals uncover their potential and how they can take charge of their decisions in life.

Life coaches can help people with their careers, finances, and other life issues. They can be hired by individuals, companies, or organizations. Life coaches are typically not medical professionals and they are not a substitute for therapy or counseling.

What are some signs that you need a life coach?

A life coach is someone who can help you through difficult times and provide support to help you reach your goals. Life coaches can help you with anything from career advice, to relationships, to health and wellness. They help you to find a new perspective and a new way to look at things. Life coaches are also very good at helping you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and your goals. They also have the ability to help you to identify your personal values and how those values can help you to achieve your goals. Life coaches are a great resource for any person who wants to feel more confident in themselves and their life.

How are life coaches different from each other?

Many life coaches integrate other modalities into their work. Some are also teachers and mentors and can switch hats, especially when they have previous agreements with their clients. In my case, for example, I integrate my other practices as a certified aromatherapist, a certified mindfulness & meditation teacher, and a psychology student, among others.

It is important to gauge what kind of life coach you want to work with. There are many life coaches in the Philippines and each of us has different coaching styles and modalities.

Personally, I find that the best life coaches are also teachers who introduce modalities that can help you get unstuck but offer them as suggestions and not directions. They also hold a sacred space of both empowerment and vulnerability, based on what you need at that specific moment.

Have you tried life coaching? How was it for you? Would love to hear in the comments. Or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me, connect with me on Instagram, and let’s see if we can work together. See you around!