How Aromatherapy Changed My Life

To say that aromatherapy changed my life is an understatement.

I found more meaning and bliss after being exposed to the many beautiful benefits of essential oils.

How could this happen? How can these bottles of aromatic substances lead to a deeper self-exploration?

For those who know me from way back, they would typically describe me as a Type A workaholic with nasty health habits.

I lived on fast food, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. I sat on my chair for 10 hours every day, getting stressed and excited to create strategies for my brands.

My lifestyle was generally sedentary – I hated exercise and sleep – thinking that rest and other activities aside from “achieving” were for the weak.

While I enjoyed my younger years, the payback came years later. I developed an autoimmune disease that caused me two pregnancies because of APAS. I also had a hysterectomy at age 34 because of stress.

And then, a friend introduced essential oils to me. Initially, I got on the bandwagon for my son. I thought I could introduce a less toxic lifestyle by creating my own natural products. But, I never did realize that the oils would take me on a path I would have never imagined.

After around a year of using essential oils, I burned Santi’s skin because of a “protocol” people dished out on the Facebook groups. This led me to look for a certified aromatherapist locally. And unfortunately, I couldn’t find one.

This led me to pursue my certification in 2018, and after only six months, I became one of the first Level 2 Aromatherapists in the country with international certification. I then started to advocate for the safe and intentional use of essential oils, especially for young children.

My aromatherapy journey led me to meet my now yoga family. I loved the yoga philosophy and took mindfulness and meditation by heart.

Mindfulness and meditation led me to many wonderful things, from learning the chakras (energy centers in our body), breaking limiting beliefs, and discovering new mindsets, Reiki, energy work (another story for another time), and so much more.

Because of aromatherapy, I learned about a new world – a world full of possibilities that I never knew possible, from thriving outside of corporate, doing things I love to do, and at the same time, spending time with my children.

I am ever thankful for these beautiful products of Mother Earth that led me to re-discover myself. But, ultimately, it took Nature for me to go back and ground myself back to Nature.

Aromatherapy started for me as something deeply hinged in science, but now, I see so much more of the essential oils than just tools for our physical body – it can address our mind-body-soul if we are open to it.

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