Our First LIT Procedure

“A lesson for all of us is that for every loss, there is victory, for every sadness, there is joy, and when you think you’ve lost everything, there is hope.” ―Geraldine Solon

People undergo many trials in life. In my case, I have considered myself so blessed. Most of the things came easy, God has been good. 

It came as an avalanche when I was diagnosed with a repro-immuno disorder. Having a problem creating a happy family never occured in my wildest dreams. I cried, tried to be happy, cried again, tried to be positive. Most of the time, my hope dangled on a string.

But during those times when I lose hope, I am pulled back, by family, by friends, by the husband… by Jesus.

After the shock of  knowing this ultimately weird condition of being “too compatible” with my husband, we finally decided to do the treatments. 

I already started on it last Friday. In the morning, they took 14 vials of blood from the husband and at around 2:30PM, injected the processed blood, which now only contains his white blood cells. 

I took this photo of my left arm before the procedure — 

My doctor started me on the first LIT (lymphocyte immunotherapy). She told me to hold the husband’s hand for support. I could have not gone through without it. I don’t know where to start describing the pain. It was excruciating. Tolerable but extremely excruciating. 

Doctor gave me six shots. Each shot was more painful than the previous one. To explain it haphazardly, it felt like blade slicing through the skin. Thinking about going through it for four times is hell. Thinking that I am doing it for my future baby eases it all.

I was required not to wash my arm for 48 hours. It looked like this when we went home —

Despite the pain, I am happy. I am happy that we are still able to find ways on how to couple our silent prayers with scientific treatment. I am happy that my immunologist is a God-centered woman who keeps on reminding us to pray. There have been times when my faith becomes so distant from me. It is by God’s grace and your prayers that I will be able to forge my faith stronger and hope for the best — the life that He has in store for me and my family.