Essential Oils from the Philippines: How To Use Them

Essential oils are extracts from plants. Many of us use essential oils to support our mind-body-soul wellness.

There are many different types of essential oils, including citrus, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and rosemary, among others.

But do you know that there are several essential oils from the Philippines that are not available to other brands? Here are some of my favorites and how you can use them:

Almaciga. Almaciga essential oil is from Agathis philippinensis or otherwise known as Manila copal. According to CDL Naturals website, the company that distills this essential oil in the Philippines, “almaciga is an ancient flora that has existed for 200 million years and its resin is harvested by hand for use in varnishes and other similar applications.” The chemical analysis of this essential oil shows a very similar profile to Frankincense carterii. I use almaciga as a replacement to Frankincense in my meditation blends, skin blends, and pain blends.

Dalandan. Dalandan is a popular fruit in the Philippines, from the fruit peels of the Citrus aurantium tree, with its very characteristic citrus smell. This essential oil is such a happy oil and can be used in creating body sprays (be careful not to blend more than 4% of this oil in your formula) where you want that citrus smell. I love to use this oil when making kiddie blends for the diffuser.

Calamansi. This tropical fruit is a must-have in every Filipino house. Calamansi reminds me so much of my hometown, Bacolod, because Chicken Inasal will never be the same without this fruit from the Citrus microcarpa shrub. It has a sharp, tangy aroma. Like Dalandan, I use this for my pick-me-upper blends because of its high d-Limonene content. Studies show that d-Limonene in citrus oils can boost happiness.

So these are the first three essential oils from the Philippines that can help ground you and give you some happy mood.

Will be back for more this coming days to bring your more essential oils here from our beautiful country and how you can use them in your blends!