Capping off 2020

I am sure that it has been a peculiar year for all of us. The whole Covid pandemic just changed the way we lived, the way we worked, and the way we interacted with our family, friends, and colleagues. 

I have had my share of challenges, too. I was still reeling from my Mama’s accidental death in December of 2019, resigned from corporate in January of 2020, not knowing what lay ahead. 

But despite the challenges, there were many silver linings. The one wish that I had which was to spend more time with the kids actually happened (and made me cray, haha) – and with God’s blessings, I was able to thrive (surprisingly) with the aromatherapy and consultancy businesses that I launched. 

There are so many things that I have realised and learned this year and I’d like to share a bit of them with you in this Instagram post.

I hope that despite everything that has transpired in the past year, you are still doing okay. I would not wish for a brighter year ahead because we are still in the midst of a lot of uncertainties and you know this meme, right.. (lol)

2021 Don't Say It

However, I pray with all my heart that you would find more meaning in your life, regardless of whatever comes our way. 

In the meantime, let me leave you with my last project for 2020 – the Coaching Mamas podcast which is the fruit of a friendship that started in the midst of the pandemic. Join me and my fellow coaching mamas, Tetz Agustin and Kim Reyes as we cap off 2020 and look forward to the New Year.

Blessings everyone! Namaste!