5 Brilliant Ways to Use Aromatherapy

Are you new to essential oils?

Don’t know how to use them properly and what is the best mode of application? Well, it’s your lucky day because I will be giving you some tips on how you can incorporate essential oils and other aromatherapy products into your wellness arsenal.

Certified Aromatherapist Philippines and Life Coach

More than just its aroma, essential oils contain chemical constituents that affect us physiologically and psychologically. It can also trigger positive emotions when you associate a particular scent with a good memory.

As I progressed in my practice and dabbled in energy and mindset work, I also learned how we could use essential oils in subtle aromatherapy.

But for today, let us discuss five (5) ways how essential oils can help you daily.

  1. Use to combat stress and fatigue.

    Many essential oils combat stress and fatigue. However, we also need to consider how the user wants to address their concern. Some want to be stimulated or perked up when stressed or fatigued, maybe to push a little bit more to beat a deadline. Others want to take a step back and rest. It is, therefore, essential to go back to the intention. If you want to be revitalized, peppermint and eucalyptus can help clear up brain fog as they are good central nervous system (CNS) stimulants. On the other hand, oils like lavender, patchouli, frankincense, and elemi are good to try if you want to have some form of sedative and calming function. The best route I use for this would be personal inhalers. Check out how to make personal inhalers here.

  2. Inhale for calm when feeling anxious.

    There are several essential oils with anxiolytic function (anti-anxiety). Oils like lavender, sandalwood, citruses like bergamot, and sweet orange show this potential. Tisserand compiled some actions on anxiety – you can click this link to visit his blog. However, we also need to assess the level of anxiety because there is a wide range of anxiety disorders. While essential oils may work on mild symptoms, more serious conditions need thorough evaluation and corresponding treatment plans.

  3. Massage on areas with minor aches and pains.

    I super love essential oils in helping with minor aches and pains. The most common I would experience would be back and shoulder pains and headaches. Some oils with analgesic or pain-relieving actions are peppermint, roman chamomile, lavender, and frankincense. The warmth of oils like ginger and black pepper can also assist in the blood circulation of inflamed areas.

  4. Diffuse during meditation.

    I love diffusing essential oils during meditation and using them to anchor my practice. My ” strategy ” is to condition my mind to be in a safe space whenever I diffuse an oil. During meditation, I love sage, frankincense, patchouli, palo santo, and other grounding oils. But you can use any oil that makes you calm and feel good, too!

  5. Integrate with energetic work.

    I used not to believe in this, but since my spiritual journey started, I have successfully used essential oils for energetic work – manifestation, creativity, abundance. I teach this in my Chakra Masterclass, too (watch out for Batch 2 launch by May) –

There are many other ways to use essential oils, but please do remember to dilute safely and be informed of the possible risks of using these amazing products of nature.

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Happy oiling!