My APAS Timeline

“Pray. Hope. And Don’t Worry.”

– Padre Pio


I was diagnosed with APAS on October 2013 after I lost my second baby at 10 weeks. Reason: lost heartbeat.

Like many of APAS mommies, the husband and I went through a lot – financially, emotionally and psychologically. The miscarriages almost broke us apart but I am thankful that in the end, it has wielded our relationship stronger with God’s grace. During those times, we worried about where we would get the finances for the treatments but for some reason, GOD ALWAYS PROVIDED.

It took us four years to hold our little Santi but all the heartaches and pains were totally worth it.

My takeaway from this journey: we should do everything we can in our power to address our condition but at the same time, lift everything to God because without His grace, treatments alone will not give us a baby.

This was our journey to Santi –

September 2012 – Blighted ovum at 5 weeks
October 2013 – Lost my second baby at 10 weeks; lost heartbeat; my previous OB, Dr. Jasmin Libunao suspected I had APAS and asked me to look for a perinatologist
February 2014 – Found Dr. Valerie Guinto and was diagnosed with Category 1 & 2>>; I was then referred to my awesome immunologist, Dr. Carol Gloria
March 2014 – Started Lymphocyte Immunothereapy (LIT) >> with Dr. Carol Gloria
April 2014 – Given GO signal to conceive after my second LIT
June 2014 – Finished my 4th LIT; still no conception
September 2014 – Stopped working to concentrate on our “Baby Project”
September 2014 – was diagnosed with blocked fallopian tube by Dr. Comia
October 2014 – Sought second opinion from Dr. Chiaoling Sua-Lao regarding my blocked fallopian tube. Was cleared through hysterosalpingography.
November 2014 – Diagnosed with PCOS by Dr. Sua-Lao and with Category 5>>.
December 2014 – Booster LIT treatment with Dr. Carol Gloria
January – May 2015 – No conception despite PCOS treatment
June 2015 – Booster LIT treatment
June 2015 – Went back to work because I was already very frustrated that nothing is happening and also to replenish the “baby fund”. Husband and I decided to postpone our project to 2016 because it was super draining in all aspects. Our prayers also changed from “God, give us a baby” to “God, in Your time.”
August 2015 – For some weird reason, there was a voice that told me that we will get pregnant soon. I really believe it was angel Gabriel  

September 2015 – I got a positive pregnancy test (PT) without no follicle monitoring, no ovulation kits, no fertility treatments (Clomid, etc.). It was really God’s amazing hands at work.
September 2015 – Went back to Dr. Valerie Guinto
October 2015 – Positive heartbeat; IVIG with Dr. Carol Gloria; diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism
November – March 2016 – I was on monthly intralipid, heparin injections twice a day, aspirin, folic acid, prenatal vitamins, Caltrate Plus and Vitamin D, Ferrous Sulfate and Levithyroxine. I also continued working and was not put on bedrest.
May 2016 – Little Santi was born via elective CS.

GOD WAS WITH US ALL THROUGHOUT THIS JOURNEY. Each and single time that we had our pregnancy hiccups, He responds to our prayers. Every time I did my heparin injections, I pray the Angel’s Prayer with a faith inside my heart that the medications and God’s messengers will protect Santi inside my tummy.   

I pray that all those who are having their own challenges, especially those who are wanting to have their own bundle of joy, be touched by God’s healing hands. It will happen, in His time. Never give up and never stop praying.

Babydust to you all. 

2 Responses to “My APAS Timeline

  • michelle
    1 year ago


    The accupunture didnt helped u get pregnant right? 🙁

    • balotdelrosario
      1 year ago

      Not sure sis eh because I tried the treatment almost all at the same time so it was hard to pick out which one worked and which one did not. However, I only had acupuncture once since the location was really too far away from where I live so I think it wasn’t that much of a contributing factor to my successful pregnancy. Others swear by it though 😉

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