Helloo Baby Lu…. 

We are welcoming Santi’s sibling on February and we just can’t wait…

So, what is Kuya Santi having? Baby brother? Baby sister?

After some grueling six months of hyperemesis gravidarum and the expected daily (twice a day!!) injections on the tummy, we have the best news ever —

Santi is having a…

… baby sister! 

Her name will be Lucia Gabrielle. 

Lucia is a derivative from my mom’s name and Gabrielle from Angel Gabriel who is always with me in both my pregnancies.

Lucia also means light and Gabriel is God’s messenger so our little girl is really a messenger of good news, of light and hope that despite the darkness that we face in our lives, God will always grace us with blessings in His time.

We are so excited to meet you, my little light. ❤

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