Who is Balot?

Balot as the Corporate Junkie. This was me in the previous chapter of my life. 

Corporate Junkie philippines yearbook

However, this monicker does not resonate with me anymore.

I used to think that joy can only come from climbing the corporate ladder. I never wanted to stop. I was winging it. I loved my job more than anything else.

But life surprises shocks you. Things that you think only happen to other people happen to you. And your life is never the same.

A decade in the rat race and it got the best out of me.

I was diagnosed with reproductive-immuno disorder, more commonly known as

Antiphospholipid Antibody Syndrome or APAS.

It is an auto-immune disorder which caused me two lost pregnancies.

My first, I lost at five weeks and was declared as blighted ovum; my second angel I lost at ten weeks with a lost heartbeat.

My little babies. With no chance to hold Mama’s hands. It was devastating. My two little Bastis in heaven.

Balot Angel

No one can explain where repro-immuno disorders come from – could be from stress, lifestyle.

Being a Type A Corporate Junkie was impeccable in my resume; it was, however, the downfall of my dream of becoming a mum.

That was when I grew up. And my priorities had to change.

What used to be my sanctuary, my work, was not enough anymore. I longed for a complete family.

Me, Eggy, my dogs and hopefully, a baby that would bring laughter in our lives.


And we did what we could. Treatments accompanied with a lot of prayers.

We prayed more than ever before. But most of all, we let it all up to Him, to give us what we were yearning for… in His time.

And one day, an angel whispered that this was it. We will have our baby.

Miracles do happen. I am finally a mama. 

6 Responses to “Who is Balot?

  • Hello Balot! Thank you for your trully inspiring blog. I shall thank God that he heleped me find it. I was about to give up..I was searching for last hope and found your blog. Im so heartbroken after loosing 3 babies over 6 years of ttc. Currenly had 3 lit injections to lower my immune response. I also took steroids to lower NK cells and had intralipid infusions. There is nothing else that I can do but I’m praying for a mirracle to happen. 2 years have past since I said goodbye to my 3rd angel. The pain is still so strong but I will carry on I will fight and hope that my body finally will be able to carry a healthy baby. Congratulations on a birth of your little sweet baby and on the second mirracle! God bless you and your beautiful family<3

  • Hi Balot!

    Your new blog design is so awesome, I’m loving it! I got back to wordpress so definitely following!

    Cara @ http://www.xocara.com

    • I Am Corporate Junkie.
      3 years ago

      Thanks, Cara!! 🙂 will follow back! 🙂 so many wonderful things have happened to you, happy for you :))

  • Thank you for sharing your inspiring story.

    There will really come a time when we’ll realize what’s really important in our lives. Things that matter.- and it’s not our jobs/careers… it’s our family, relationships, freedom, adventure. Glad to know that you’re enjoying your life now, more than being a corporate worker.

    • I Am Corporate Junkie.
      3 years ago

      Aww thank you, Jon. Trying to play with the cards I’ve been dealt. Would still want to go to corporate,though. The financial stability that I miss! Hahaha 🙂 In the meantime, I just try to enjoy whatever I am supposed to do.

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