Aromatherapy for School Children

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Aromatherapy for School Children

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Date: 23 September 2023 | 2PM | Zoom

When it comes to our kids, their well-being is paramount. Aromatherapy can offer numerous benefits, but do you know the proper ways to harness its potential for your young ones?

Our workshop dives deep into the heart of child-safe aromatherapy:

  1. Beyond Dilution: Explore why aromatherapy for kids is more than just reducing concentration.
  2. Processing Power: Learn how a child’s body metabolizes essential oils differently than adults.
  3. Safety First: Grasp the basics of blending safely and effectively for young bodies.

🌼 Hands-On Session: Walk away with your own crafted blends tailored for kids:

  • 🌙 Sleep Blend: For peaceful, rejuvenating nights.
  • 📘 Focus Blend: Boost concentration during study or play.
  • 🌬️ Respiratory Support Blend: A helping hand for those sniffly days.

Empower yourself with knowledge and confidence to safely integrate aromatherapy into your child’s daily life.

📅 Reserve Your Spot Today! Give your child the gentle, aromatic touch they deserve.

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