Essential Oil Workshops for June

I am so excited to kick off two new workshops this June (for now) – Aromatherapy and School Children and Aromatherapy for Women’s Self Care.

I thought of giving this workshop for moms of school kids in time for the opening of classes (Santi is also entering pre-nursery this June!!!) just so they can maximize the oils that they have in their apothecary. Essential oils are awesome tools in every mom’s cabinet which can promote many positive effects on one’s household.

Essential oils, for me, are great complementary products that can help moms achieve a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

However, there are many misguided and inaccurate information on the Internet. This is why I really advocate educating people about the safe use of essential oils because they are potent substances that can help when used properly but at the same time, can cause harm if one does not know the safety guidelines, especially for kids.

On top of that, I am also doing an Aromatherapy for Women’s Self Care, geared primarily for the busy, overwhelmed working moms, work-at-home moms, and even single ladies. Sometimes, we forget to pamper ourselves that we burn out so fast. I am a believer of Covey’s Sharpening the Saw, and I think self-care is one thing to do just that.

If you are interested in this one, these are the details and the course outline —

To register, you can go to and I will get in touch with you soon! Hope to meet you in one of my workshops!

Yours in this aromatic journey,

Balot Del Rosario | Certified Professional Aromatherapist

Essential Oil Dilution Calculator

Hey, I am soooo excited to share this with you. I have finally come up with an essential oil dilution calculator that can help guide you in efficient, effective and safe blending! Hope you’ll love it and just in case you do, please support this blog by subscribing and sharing this awesome tool with your friends! Thanks!


fringes (noun): the outer, marginal, or extreme part of an area, group, or sphere of activity.

This word just packs in so much punch for me. But this word also effs my mind up.

You know why?

Because I feel guilty that my children are just at the fringes when they should be at the center of my life.

Because I feel frustrated that the things that are important are just at the fringes as well. For some reason, i feel the need to conform to what other people expect me to do, or behave how society wants me to behave or simply because of survival. Or comfort. Or whatever.

Because I feel desolate that I am just at the fringes of everything and that actually feels like… nothing.

One question was posted in a mommy group I am in — asking how many hours do you spend on your children in a day.

And when one counts… like really, really account for everything, most of us full-time working moms get to spend only around 3 hours with our children on weekdays. 12% of a 24-hour weekday.

And how much time do we give to our marriage, our relationship? I bet it is even smaller than the percentage I cited above.

It is a sad story. It is a shitty, sad story.

It’s sad because at times like this, when confronted by an introspection that makes you question every single thing happening in your life, you feel alone.

You are alone. Fucked up in your thoughts.

Not even people who are closest to you can understand. In many cases, they would just think you are seeing the world in rose-colored glasses and can’t see the reality that fringes are normal and we just have to effin’ deal with it. Adulting, that’s just simply how it is..

Maybe. Maybe not.

At this moment, they are the most important things to me. Like spending time with my children. Like doing things that actually matter. Like wanting to be wanted and understood the way I want to be wanted and understood.

The fringes of my life. Someday, I would have the courage to turn them around.

Someday. One day…

Santi’s 3rd Cinco de Mayo

Sharing from my Facebook post..

3rd Cinco de Mayo of Santiago’s life,

Three wishes. That’s what I have on your 3rd birthday.

1. I wish that you grow up to be kind: to make a difference in the lives of the people you touch.
2. I wish that you grow up with gratitude in your heart, always looking at the positive side of life and being thankful for every small or big thing life throws at you.
3. I wish that you fulfill everything your heart desires, regardless how uphill the battle will be.

I wish (for myself) to stop Father Time because you are growing too fast but we only have today, everyday, so let us make the best out of them. 😍 We will always be here for you, loving you and cheering you. Always.

Little boy turned three today and I could not believe how fast it has been!

We had a simple celebration at home with my sister, Lucerne of Little Lucee, baking him a buttercream cake!

APAS Philippines

We then brought Santi and Lucia to KICCA, an interactive playground at the Festival because Santi just loves ball pits!

Little things. Big buckets of happiness.


APAS Philippines

Little Lucia enjoying Kuya’s birthday treat.


I can only pray he enjoyed his day! Happy birthday, my love!

Balot Del Rosario, Certified Professional Aromatherapist in the Philippines

That still brings kilig to my heart. I didn’t imagine that a title, Certified Level 2 (Professional) Aromatherapist could bring so much joy and happiness to one person but calling myself an aromatherapist gives me a sense of fulfillment in my professional life more than anything else (for now).

There are so many schools now that offer aromatherapy certification but I got mine from Aromahead Institute, School of Essential Oil Studies, which is an accredited school by the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy.

My journey as an aromatherapist is just starting. I am absorbing as much information as I can, studying and researching from various schools of thought and applications to integrate them into my own set of practice.

Certified aromatherapist philippines

Certified aromatherapist philippines

I believe that using essential oils as a complementary modality is here to stay and the future holds so many exciting things for all of us who just loooove our essential oils.

If you want to know more about essential oils, visit 🙂

See you, there!

Yours in this aromatic journey,