Cinco De Mayo 2016

My heart is filled with gratitude as our little bundle, Jose Santiago or Santi, has come to fill our home with his cries and laughter.

To all APAS mommies, never give up. x

The Last 60 Hours

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So… I was jolted awake by a full bladder (yet again) at 4:00 am and I couldn’t get back to sleep anymore. I was browsing through Facebook, scanning the never-ending election hullabaloo (and getting sick and tired of it, really), when I came across this post from the Facebook Page of the Hot Mums Club>>.

The post was about a rebuttal to the book titled Meternity, which talked about working women without kids getting the “perks” of maternity leave, too.

This, of course, stirred a lot of reactions from moms and how maternity leave is not a walk in the park or a grand vacation sprinkled with tanning spray, mojitos and margaritas. While browsing through the comments, moms outlined what they had to endure during this crucial time in their baby’s lives – to live on vomit and poop the whole day while trying to be awake for the little one, all while pumping milk and suppressing sneezes to make sure the post-op cut won’t hurt.

This made me stop and wonder… can I really do this?!!

can i really do this?

I was already on leave since the middle of last week, gripped with some contractions, an impending flu and the fear of getting last minute sickness from the office (trust me, having an immune system on an overdrive in the last minute of the pregnancy is something that all APAS mama would not want). However, being stuck at home agitated me all the more, waiting in the sweltering heat, expecting that Santi would come earlier. Longest week of my life.

And then, here I am today, exactly 60 hours left. Soon, Santi will be out (safely, I pray) but excitement and fear have been swallowing me up.

How will I deal with a ripped caesarian belly? What will he look like? Will I ever have milk to feed him? How will I bathe him? How do I carry such a fragile, little thing? How to introduce him to Sachi and Akito? *hyperventilating*

We have waited for this moment for four long years. We have longed for a little one for as long as I can remember and prayed for the stork to come every single day of our APAS life. Now that the delivery is soo near, it feels ex-crucia-citing!

But as I always say, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I hope and pray that I will delivery a healthy, normal baby boy who will bring sunshine into the lives of the people around him. I suppose our families need a little ray of light at this moment.

Kindly pray with us and wish me luck 🙂 Toodles! x

Much love,

Balot Sign