Maternity Photo Shoot – Yellow Sun Studio

Getting pregnant has been one of the scariest and most exciting times in our (mine and Eggy’s) lives. Because we had a repro-immuno disorder to battle (more on this here>>), we treat every day as a blessing.

On the last stretch of my pregnancy at around 33 weeks, I was able to convince my husband to have a maternity photo shoot. I told him that this could be my only chance to be pregnant (ever!) and I would want to capture and chronicle this milestone in my life. Of course, he has no choice but to agree. Haha.

I checked different photo studios and found most to be a little on the high side. Because of our many treatment expenses, it was important for us to be really practical on the things we spend on. Good thing, my brother-in-law introduced us to The Yellow Sun Studio in Quezon City. They are located at Room 301, Topaz Building, 99-101 Kamias Road, Quezon City, Philippines.

The rates of The Yellow Sun Studio are reasonable compared to more popular photo studios at malls. We got the most affordable package at PHP3,500, which included 15 best high resolution photos saved in a CD, 15 pcs 4R prints , 1pc Art Frame 9×12 and up to 1 hour 30 mins Photo Session. We ended up getting 17 photos and added PHP90 for each additional photo on top of the 15 photos included in the package.

I brought some color-coordinated attire for me and the husband but they also provide the bandeaus and the flowy cloths for the different setup.

Yellow Sun Studio

Here’s what our photo shoot looked like —

If you are interested, visit their website at or call them via 806-5695 or 0939-9359786.



The First Four Weeks

I couldn’t remember much other than the fact that I was  crying. ALL THE TIME.

I cried because of the exhaustion. 

Noone really warns you that newborns would want to latch every thirty minutes and that they are a darling by day and can be totally unforgiving (read: THEY REF– USE TO SLEEP) at night. 

The first three weeks with Santi were zombie mode.  It is true when they say that days with a newborn are long and the nights even longer. I literally monitored every single hour that passed by as I watched, in numbing desperation, the hour hand of our bedroom clock move from one number to the next. After nursing, changing nappies, checking if the room was too warm or too cold, nothing seemed to pacify Santi in some nights. I didn’t know how it was possible for me to beg from a man, but alas, at this early stage, I am already #santified.