Book of the Week: The Dog Next Door


The Dog Next Door by Callie Smith Grant

The Dog Next Door by Callie Smith Grant

I am in love with my dog, Sachi. If you follow me on Instagram, you would notice that I always gush about her. Dogs are just aweeessoome!

I have always been an animal keeper. When I was a kid, I had rabbits (my first one was named Giggles), white mice (impossible to name them all), my monkey Bor, fishes, my father’s roosters and chickens, dogs (Iris & Jack), cats (strays), love birds and pigeons.

A newfound friend told me that dogs seem to be a TTC (trying to conceive) requirement. Maybe she is right! Hahaha!

In one of my trips to a thrift bookstore, Book Sale, I chanced upon this book, The Dog Next Door by Callie Smith Grant. This book is a compilation of many dog stories that will touch your heart. If you have read the Chicken Soup series, this book is something like that.

Here are some of my favorite anecdotes:

“Skippy was probably the most intelligent animal I had ever known. And he had soul too. If you praised him, he got it right away. If you shamed him, he got that right away as well. He knew lots of tricks, which he learned after being shown how to do them only a few times.” (I feel this way about Sachi.)

“People don’t realize that you have to stroke animals, not pet them. They don’t like to be petted. You have to stroke them the way a mother’s tongue licks them.”

“With his numerous losses, including his home and his best friend, Max was still ready to trust people. Even with his flaws – missing ear tips, cut-off tail, indiscriminate pedigree – Max still had a beauty all his own that came from a heart of gold. He was ready to fully love people again and again, even when they fell short and disappointed him or treated him unjustly. Max knew how to let go of the past without holding any grudges.”

I rate this book a 4 out of 5 because it is a feel-good book, perfect for a furry lover like me.

How about you, loves. Do you have any books about our lovely canine friends that you think I will love? Hit me up in the comments <3


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