Tanzan ATBP: From Trash to Treasures

I am sure that everyone of you who has heard this saying — one’s man trash is another man’s treasure. Today, I am telling you a story of a work-at-home mom who has made this the core of her home business. 
I met Sheryl through the community of WAHMs (work-at-home-moms) that I recently joined. She offered to send me a sample of her product and I gladly accepted after learning how ingenious her idea is. 
Sheryl makes keychains, bracelets and other accessories out of tanzans (or bottlecaps). Most people would just throw these away but with lots of creativity, Sheryl was able to make this a very unique product to offer to people. 

Asked about what her inspiration is, Sheryl answered:

“Everytime i see things na patapon na. Laging may nagpa-pop sa isip ko to make something new about it. At dun nga pumapasok ang “may pera sa basura”. I love creating things out of the box and as a mom pag naglalaro kami ng baby ko, dun lumalabas ang pagiging bata at creative ko. My daughter usually helps me put up some of the ideas na nilalgay ko sa mga tansan and hindi lang sa tansan, pati sa packaging nito.”

Over the past few days that I have become a work-at-home wife, I have a new-found respect for those who juggle everything at home, their kids and still try to create the best situation while at home. While many opportunities have sprouted to pave way for moms to be able to generate income while at home – through writing and other online jobs such as online tutoring, social media management and the like –  it is a totally different monster to start building a business. You put your heart and soul in it because the risks involved are all your own, all to provide for a family that you promised to take care of. And I salute those who do have the courage because it is so hard. I should know! *wink*
PS. please do check out Tanzan Atbp Facebook and Instagram page to know more about this innovative product.