Balot Amechachura Del Rosario

Certified Aromatherapist. Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher. Life Coach.

All About Aromatherapy

Check out different resources on safe and intentional use of essential oils and aromatherapy from a NAHA Certified Professional Aromatherapist

Essential Oil Dilution Calculator

Confused about Dilution? Check out this dilution calculator I made to make you EO journey more hassle-free and convenient.

All About APAS

I talk about my journey on reproductive immune disorder to help raise awareness and spark a little hope for parents waiting for their rainbow babies.

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Join me on YouTube as I talk more about essential oils, motherhood, meditations, product reviews and everything under the sun.

All About Wholeness

I share about my other different endeavors from my mindset and mindfulness practices, yoga, meditation, life and grief coaching, family life and everything else in between.

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My advocacy is to continuously share accurate and safe usage of essential oils, particularly to children and women.

Meet a community of likeminded people and let’s learn about intentional aromatherapy together.


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