Chronicling Coron

Disclaimer: The past four days that I have been out of civilization made me realize one thing — posting photos of the places I go to may not be enough. Why? Because my short-term memory is as crappy as ever. So kindly indulge me as I chronicle important things through some words and a little “photography”..

Date: November 22 – 25, 2012. 

Itinerary: Coron, Busuanga. 
Event: Edzel’s Birthday. 

I love the beach.That is the word that would immediately pop into my mind when you say vacation. Beach = vacation. 

So for Edzel’s birthday, I got ourselves a vacation to Coron, Busuanga. I booked a flight through Air Philippines on the day of Edzel’s birthday – November 22. Flight schedule was at 13:50 so there was a lot of time to goof around.

AirPhil Express leaves for Busuanga at the Terminal 3 Airport.

It only took roughly an hour from Manila to Busuanga. Despite my paranoia for propeller planes, we safely arrived at the Francisco Reyes Airport. Did not have a very good landing though, hehe. Probably because of the really short runway.

Safe, sound and on-time.

After getting our stuff, we were approached by the staff of El Rio Y Mar, the hotel where I booked. It would take another 30 minutes or so to arrive at our destination. The hotel is located in a private island and is situated at the other side of Coron Town.

We were headed at the opposite side of Coron Town. 
The ride was very bumpy and would take you around twenty minutes. 
It was pretty rustic and we could not wait to get to our destination.

There were two other guests who were with us on the boat and they were on their way to Club Paradise, El Rio Y Mar’s sister establishment. 

The ride was pretty nice and the staff was very accommodating. Upon boarding, he took a picture of me and Edzel and gave us our merienda — a tuna sandwich and doy-packed juice.

There was a small community on one part of the river where houses were on stilts. Amazingly though, on top of each nipa roof was a solar panel. 

We arrived at a port which they call “pantalan” (yes, their language is somewhat similar to Hiligaynon). We had to cruise for another 15 minutes.

The sun basked at the horizon as we continued the cruise. What I was about to see was something that was beyond my imagination.

Welcome to El Rio Y Mar Resort! Our little piece of heaven for the next four days. 

“I liked to stand out there and look back at the shore, at the long white beach, the red lifeguard tower, the green row of palm trees — it was a gorgeous scene, maybe a little too picture-postcard perfect.” – Hunting Knife, Haruki Murakami

Feeling a bit groggy already. Watch out for my post tomorrow — El Rio Y Mar. Simply Paradise.