Are you ready to come home to you?

Are you looking for ways how to live your life more mindfully, attain balance and equanimity

in alignment with the life you dream of?


Are you interested to explore other holistic practices that can ground you back to your center

such as mindfulness & meditation, aromatherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, and yoga? 


Do other modes of healing such as reiki, crystals, and energy healing resonate with you? 


If your answer is yes, then this program may be for you.

Coming Home to your Center is a program designed around the chakras. 

Originated in India, chakras are mentioned in the ancient systems way back to 2500 BCE. It comes from the Sanskrit word that means wheel and has been a source of great interest for those looking at unconventional modalities to bring wellness into their lives by balancing these energy centers in our bodies.  

We will unpack and uncover each chakra (we have seven major chakras but they are not the only ones we have) from different levels – mind, body, and soul.

We will discover several modalities that can help you in your journey to find what best fits your needs.

It takes an open mind to be part of this program, but I genuinely wish that this could bring something positive in your life, in one way or another. 

Here’s to coming back home to ourselves. Namaste.  🙏🏼



Root Chakra Philippines
  • Week 1 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Everything about the Root Chakra
  • Meditation for Abundance
  • Aromatherapy for Grounding and Abundance
  • Yoga Asanas for the Root Chakra
  • Week 4 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Integration and Connection Circle 


Sacral Chakra Philippines
  • Week 1 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Everything about the Sacral Chakra
  • Meditation for Sensuality
  • Aromatherapy for the Sensuality and Creativity
  • Yoga Asanas for the Sacral Chakra
  • Week 4 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Integration and Connection Circle 


Solar Plexus Chakra Philippines
  • Week 1 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Everything about the Plexus Chakra
  • Meditation for Finding your North Star
  • Aromatherapy for the Centering and Purpose
  • Yoga Asanas for the Solar Plexus Chakra
  • Week 4 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Integration and Connection Circle 


Heart Chakra Philippines
  • Week 1 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Everything about the Heart Chakra
  • Meditation for Love & Compassion
  • Aromatherapy for Love & Self-Care
  • Yoga Asanas for the Heart Chakra
  • Week 4 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Integration and Connection Circle 


  • Week 1 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Everything about the Throat Chakra
  • Meditation for Speaking Your Truth
  • Aromatherapy for Confidence 
  • Yoga Asanas for the Throat Chakra
  • Week 4 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Integration and Connection Circle 


Ajna Chakra Philippines
  • Week 1 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Everything about the Brow Chakra
  • Meditation for the Future YOU
  • Aromatherapy for Clearing Energies
  • Yoga Asanas for the Brow Chakra
  • Week 4 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Integration and Connection Circle 


Crown Chakra Philippines
  • Week 1 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Everything about the Crown Chakra
  • Meditation for your Connection to Source
  • Aromatherapy for Spirituality
  • Sound Healing Session
  • Week 4 (LIVE SESSION)
    • Integration and Graduation Day

Bonus Gift

Chakra Philippines Gift Set
    • Class kit worth P2,500 which consists of a crystal chakra set, Lavender & Palo Santo smudge sticks, aura spray and #CHTYC journal. For Philippine residents only.

Bonus Sessions

  • Interview with Certified OBM Kim Reyes on Time Management
  • Interview with Coach Maria Reyes on Self-Love
  • Session with Soulprint Coach Tetz Agustin on Human Design
  • Chakra Healing with Crystals

Here's what the Batch 1 students have to say...

I met Balot when I was at the lowest point in my life, that was July 2021. I simply followed my gut and joined her masterclass, with no idea what I’m getting into. Little did I know that in this esoteric class, I’d virtually meet different women, each having an interesting story. Slowly, our stories would bind us and form a sisterhood like no other.

My major takeaway from her masterclass is when you are faced with problems that are beyond your control and you struggle to overcome its pains, do not be afraid to seek help. For always, there will be someone out there ready to help, and there’s something in the matrix that will at least alleviate the pain and suffering if not totally eradicate them. Thank you Balot for sharing your knowledge and your story too!

Badj Genato | Cancer Survivor & Woman Extraordinaire

The invitation to join CHTYC came to me at a time when I felt so lost.

Over the past 7 months, I have learned so many things I never heard of, yet made so much sense to me.

This masterclass has gone over and beyond my expectation that, in all honesty, it is worth way more than what I paid for.

I thank Balot and all the other teachers and coaches and, of course, my classmates for sharing their time, knowledge, experiences, and learnings.

While we may all follow different paths, it is wonderful to always have somewhere to come home to.

Erika Cabantog | Grief Guide and Mom of Summer and Sapphire

Thank you for introducing me to the world of chakras, meditation, crystals, and aromatherapy. 

I can’t help but share the cards I pulled today. It is telling me again to rest, be patient and things will fall in their places. It really sums up the things I need to manage that going through my mind.

I am also doing a gratitude journal and you are part of it.

Thank you for the classes and lessons you have given. You paved the way for me to learn more about myself and to try practices that will bring me enlightenment and joy.

Please continue to be a guide and light for all those women who need support as they journey through life. 

Rane Joguilon | Operations Head 

What will this journey mean to you?

I always believe in finding your own path towards whatever it is that your soul calls you for.

Aromatherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga, meditation, and mindfulness have all helped me move away from being a Type A, highly-stressed person to someone who consciously chooses how to live her life based on her own version of success.

Over the years, it has given me a sense of being and equanimity I haven’t found anywhere else. 
If you feel called to join me in this journey, I am more than willing and grateful to share this sacred space with you.

Certified Aromatherapist in the Philippines

Hi, I am Balot and I am your lead guide for this program. 

My journey has led me to this wonderful space and it is almost funny that I am sharing this coming from a background that was very cerebral, straight corporate mindset, and no belief (AT ALL!) with the healing modalities that I teach. 

After achieving everything I asked for, I still had that empty feeling inside of me – IS THIS ALL THERE IS TO LIFE? 

For some reason, my aromatherapy practice (which was initially meant really for my kids) led me to the wonderful world of yoga, with its teachings of training the mind, the body, and the soul. I have learned about life purpose, Dharma, and trying to find equanimity and bliss every single day.

I am far from perfect (in fact, great teachers say perfection rarely or never is attained) but I as I always tell my students, you will always have the power to share your story and attract those who will resonate with you.

In this program, we will learn some science, some “woo” – I always believe that there is always a SCIENCE and ART in everything and I hope you discover the magic in that, too!

Here’s to our journey ahead. Aromatic blessings, beautiful ones!

What did I love about the masterclass?

Everything! So many learnings, so much info, my classmates! YOU!!  And of course, holding space for everyone when we feel vulnerable but empowered.

Shobe | Digital Nomad | CHTYC Batch 1


Are you ready to invest in you?

For all the amazing things you’ll get above, you will only pay something that

is equivalent to one regular aromatherapy workshop per month! 🙂 


VIP PRICING: PHP18,888 or USD388


 Automatic enrolment to upcoming YOGAROMA community for the first 7 months worth P6,000 or USD125 (starts in June)

with class kit for PH residents worth PHP2,500

10% discount on Lana Aromatherapié

SAVE $200 or PHP10,000


2-PART INSTALLMENT: PHP9,999/installment or USD199/installment

(1st installment: April; second installment: August 2022)


MONTHLY PLAN: PHP2,999 or $59

(from June to December 2022)

*Early Bird Rate is available until 04/30/22 only


VIP PRICING: PHP28,888 or USD555


 Automatic enrolment to upcoming YOGAROMA community for the first 7 months worth P6,000 or USD125 (starts in June)

with class kit for PH residents worth PHP2,500

10% discount on Lana Aromatherapié



2-PART INSTALLMENT: PHP14,444/installment or USD299/installment

(1st installment: May; second installment: August 2022)


MONTHLY PLAN: PHP4,444 or $88

(from June to December 2022)


Hats off to you Balot for a wonderful, insightful & wisdom-packed program! You are such a generous soul. You shared so much in your program & I highly recommend this to everybody whether you're a newbie or an "oldie" like me with regards to chakras & all things spiritual 🙂
Sofia Maderazo-Posadas
Executive Coach | Life and Career Coach
Meditation Philippines

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When are the classes starting? What is the schedule?

A:  Coming Home To Your Center will start on June 2022 and will end in December 2022. The LIVE classes will be on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, Philippine Time. All LIVE classes will be recorded for those who may not make it to the class.

Q: Where is the program housed?

A:  The Coming Home To Your Center masterclass is housed in an exclusive Facebook Group. Most modules are prerecorded. For the LIVE calls, it will be via Zoom. All calls will be recorded to catch up if you miss anything. This is subject to change in consideration of new tools that can provide more benefit to the group.

Q: I am new to chakras. Will this be beneficial to me?

A: There will be an in-depth discussion of the chakras, so this is perfect for beginners and those who know the chakras but want to learn more about them, especially in other related practices such as yoga asanas, aromatherapy, and mindful application into daily life. You will also get recorded meditations and aromatherapy recipes you can use for personal use.

Q: Can I just join for a specific month? Like if I want to just focus on the Sacral Chakra?

A: Unfortunately, not at this time because everything is dropped in our Exclusive Facebook Group, including the previous lessons. But you can always join the aromatherapy classes which I open each month. Follow my Instagram @callmebalot for announcements. 

Q: What are the modes of payment? 

A: You can pay via BDO, BPI, or Paypal. 

Q: I have other questions not answered here; where can I reach you? 

A: You can email me at or Whatsapp/Viber at 09178667682. 

Are you ready to come home to your center?

To be aware of your body is the beginning of self-love. When the mind goes home to the body, the mind and body are established in the here and now.