Book of the Week: Love and Misadventure


A year ago, I got a book,
A gift that I have treasured
It was about a poet so good
Her words were all but measured.
And every time, it doesn’t fail
I get lost in all its pages
I cry, I laugh, I almost wail
With words of love and rages.
I wish I can write a poem
That would touch the heart of someone
But to write the words, a note, a song
Needs magic that has long been gone.
– I am Corporate Junkie.


Now, let’s go to  my review, haha!

I think it is but proper to end the month with a book about love – lost love, unrequited love and love that would last, hopefully, a lifetime.

I got this book last year on Valentine’s Day and I love it so much! Thanks, Gay! 🙂


Lang Leav is such an amazing poet. I envy her so much! I resonate with every piece that she has written on the book. Here is one of my favourites:

A Stranger

There is a love I reminisce

     like a seed

     I’ve never sown.

Of lips that I am yet to kiss,

     and eyes

     not met my own.

Hands that wrap around my wrists,

     and arms

     that feel like home.

I wonder how it is I miss,

     these things

     I’ve never known.

This book is a no-nonsense, literary masterpiece that connoisseurs of words will appreciate. I rate it 5 out of 5. (I am a romantic and I love words thus the rating, haha)

Have you read any of Lang Leav’s books? Did you like it?

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