Laboratory Costs for APAS and RI Tests

Being diagnosed with APAS, or any other category of repro-immuno disorders for that matter, can be flabbergasting. Most women who are told that they might have APAS would be asked to confirm it with a series of tests. One question that would always linger after this revelation would be the  laboratory costs for the APAS screening.

Well, here it is.

This is a table of laboratory costs offered by different labs and hospitals when you get yourself tested for any of the five RI categories. This laboratory cost table was compiled by one of my APAS sisters (sis Geepee) from the APAS Facebook group>>.


Note: This is as of February 23, 2016 so you may want to call the respective laboratories/hospitals on their updated laboratory costs/fees as they might have changed.

Being tested to know what you are facing is very important. If you are positive, please don’t despair as our condition is treatable and there are already many successful APAS mommies with their rainbow babies.

Trust in the mercy of God and at the same time, look for an OB/perinatologist to help you with your journey.  If you need any help or someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to drop me a message here or on my Facebook page.

Babydust to all of you.


Our Awesome Immunologist for our APAS pregnancy – Dr. Carol Gloria

Dr. Carol Gloria

One major factor in an APAS or RI (reproimmuno) pregnancy is having a trusted immunologist who works in tandem with your obstetrician or perinatologist.

Having an immunologist is critical because they track your immune system’s activities and how they affect the growing baby inside your tummy. But even before a pregnancy, your immunologist will actually be the one who will administer treatments such as LIT to make your body “baby-ready”.

I consider it my biggest blessing to have found two amazing doctors who took care of me and Santi while we took our long journey towards a successful delivery. My perinatologist, Dr. Valerie Guinto, was my anchor during the pregnancy with her impeccable calmness. She was the one who referred me to my immunologist, Dr. Carol Gloria.

Dr. Carol Gloria is my burst of sunshine with her overflowing positivity.

She always encouraged us to be steadfast in our faith. Seldom will you find a doctor who is very outspoken of how God plays a role when treating medical conditions. Dr. Carol, however, never stopped telling us to always pray for the success of our treatments.

If my memory serves me right (I hope it does), she also had an APAS pregnancy. This is one of the reasons why we were immediately comfortable with her – because we knew that she would understand our situation.

I honestly believe that she and her husband got into immunology (they are both allergologists when they started… I think) so that they can help people like me who are going through the challenges of an RI pregnancy.

My two lovely doctors – I would vouch for them any second of the day and I hope that they continue to help more APAS mommies like me have their own Santi.

If you want to book an appointment with Dr. Carol Gloria, you can get in touch with her secretary at 0998-954-8327.

Babydust loves.


My Favorite Dishwashing Liquid

When you are a first-time mom, you crack your head to look for the best products in the market for your baby. One thing I have noticed is that baby products are ridiculously expensive and they usually take a huge dent in your monthly budget.

When my maternity leave ended, we had to train Santi to take my breastmilk through the bottle. This meant twice the effort – I had bottles for breastmilk storage and nursing bottles for Santi.

Because he is a such a huge eater, we always had bottles to wash and those more popular brands of baby bottle cleanser are washed down the drain (literally) in just a few days. Baby bottle cleansers would usually cost more than P200 bucks and you would spend thousands in just a month.

It was a good thing to stumble upon this amazing product from Cusina. This all-natural, antibacterial dishwashing liquid works as wonderfully as it looks. It comes in three variants: Ginger Yuzu Peel, Lemongrass Citrus and Grapefruit Lemon Zest. I always buy all three because I cannot pick favorites as they are all awesome.

I used to hoard them in baby expos because I usually just order them online. However, they are now available in SM so I really do not need to hoard anymore! 🙂

I highly recommend this product (and this is not a sponsored post, lol) <3

Check out to know more about their product.

Santi’s DIY Sailor Christening Party

Genesis 30:22-23

Then God remembered Rachel, and God gave heed to her and opened her womb. So she conceived and bore a son and said, “God has taken away my reproach.”

Santi’s baptism was a big thing for my family because we have waited for a very long time for his arrival in our lives. It was only necessary to celebrate his entry to the Christian world with our friends and family.

Santi's Sailor Invite

It took a while for us to finalize Santi’s baptism because we were waiting out for Tatay (my FIL) to feel a little better from his condition. Santi was already on his fourth month when we had the rites.

Our first choice was St. Alphonsus Mary Liguori Parish or more popularly known as Magallanes Church. Five years ago, Eggy and I considered this church as well for our wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get our desired schedule so we had to look for another venue.

I love the facade of this church. They have a cozy and beautiful baptistry located at the garden and it was perfect for our intimate celebration.

These were the requirements for a baptism at St. Alphonsus: (1) birth certificate; (2) marriage certificate (if married); and (3) attendance of parents to the Catechism conducted by the church. However, since we were not Magallanes residents, we had an extra thing to do and that was to get a permit from our parish to allow us to hold Santi’s baptism at St. Alphonsus.

Our parish in Paranaque was initially very strict and we had a hard time securing a permit but since we really wanted a private ceremony, I literally begged them to allow us to do it at St. Alphonsus. After much prodding, we finally got clearance. There was no formal permit given. The staff from our parish just got in touch with the staff of St. Alphonsus.

After finalizing our schedule from the Church, I checked out Racks, which was the nearest restaurant near St. Alphonsus. To my delight, Racks was available so I booked right away.

I don’t know how it came about but it was always top of mind to do a DIY sailor or nautical theme for Santi’s Christening.

Hmm, maybe it was because we got a baptismal sailor costume from one of our baby showers (thanks, Ms. Kate!)

Since I was still on my maternity leave, I planned to DIY most of the preparations, with the help of my architect/artist sister, Ela.

Here are some of our preps —

  1. I initially purchased clip-arts for P270. I got them as high-resolution files so we used them for practically everything (tabletop centerpieces, event tarpaulin, invite, thank you cards, placeholders, etcetera). The deck consisted of four designs of paper, anchors, sailor bears and monkeys, waves, lighthouses and a loooot more. It was really super sulit!
  2. I also ordered paper mache items and Ela did all the painting.
  3. I purchased bear bottles and filled them up with gummi bears. This was my giveaway. I just decorated it with a leather string and an anchor charm.

This was the ceremony at St. Alphonsus. Santi is officially a Christian!

This was our dressed-up venue in Racks. The whole second level can accommodate  80 to 100 guests. It was a little crowded though to push it to its maximum capacity. I decorated the whole place with the DIY tabletop centerpieces and got floating balloons (which were all gone when the party was finished, haha! The kids looooved ’em!)

The venue with the awesome floating helium balloons.

The candy bar that I got was love. The decorations were so in sync with the whole theme and I couldn’t have asked for a better supplier (who I just chanced on while browsing Instagram, haha). The cake and cupcakes from my local neighborhood cafe were also awesome! <3 I love, love, love my suppliers.

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DIY Sailor Party

I wouldn’t have finished all the preps without my two angels helping me out 🙂 Thanks, little sisters!

Santi with his favorite Aunties 🙂

In the midst of all this are our grateful hearts to our family and friends who have made this celebration special.

Lastly, we offered Santiago on this day, to our Creator who has faithfully given this little bundle of joy to us, his parents.

Toodles my loves x


When God Makes You Wait

Being diagnosed with APAS (one of the five categories of repro-immuno fertility or RIF disorders) seemed like a lifetime ago. We thought that we would never surpass the biggest challenge in our  lives at that time. But somehow, that painful and seemingly hopeless situation made us hold on to our Creator even more. Husband and I believed that He will give us the desires of our heart, in His time.

During my APAS journey, I was lucky enough to meet one of the APAS mommies who was also amazingly steadfast in her faith. Know about her story and trust that everything will work out soon, for you and your family, in God’s wonderful time.

Babydust RIF mommies.



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