New Places


There is a strange comfort when writing in a new environment. For some reason, the words just tumble over from the recesses of your mind and on to the keyboard, pounding relentlessly until something actually makes sense. Somehow, I don’t get this ease, this different dimension of my creative wind when I am in the corners of my own home. Familiarity is anti-creativity, I suppose.

I woke up with the first rays of the sun forcing its light at around five in the morning. I don’t get up this early back in Manila, especially on a weekend. However, here in this quiet corner in Iloilo, waking up early is not disconcerting at all. In fact, I welcomed it with open arms (or eyes) while ideas finally form inside my head. Again, something that does not happen back in the crazy urban jungle where everything just seems to be chaotic.

Husband was sleeping not-so-quietly, snoring a soft hum, when a little noisy bird started pounding on the glass window and let out a screeching sound over and over again. He woke up, albeit reluctantly, four hours ahead of his usual weekend waking hours.

I miss this kind of calm. I miss not having to think about anything for a moment and just let the mind and the body rest. 

I have been uneasy and restless these past few weeks and this is exactly what I needed. I’m glad Edzel convinced me to go. 

How about you, love? How are you spending this long weekend?

Personalized Dog Tags


Last week, we added a new family member and Edzel and I are new pawrents (again) to an awesomely fluffy American Akita who we called Akito (we ain’t that witty, sorry!)

Akita Philippines

We wanted Sachi to have a companion when we leave her for work so we are crossing our fingers that she and Akito will soon become really good friends. At first, Sachi was fighting Akito like crazy, probably because her status as the ‘only child’ in the house is being threatened but they have seemingly grown fond of each other as of late.


Our obedient kids.


They can now eat together in peace.


And even chill beside each other, awww <3

Anyway, enough about them because this post is really a review of this cute little dog accessory that I have been looking for –

I have long been wanting to buy Sachi a dog tag. A friend told me I can get it them at an online shop called Paws N’ Fins. I immediately checked out their Instagram page and saw these lovely cuties –

There are a lot of designs to choose from and you can have both sides engraved. I ordered for Sachi and Akito and this is how the tags look –


Akita Philippines

You can put your contact details at the back of the tag.


Sooo pretty <3




Our manly ‘little’ big pup, Akito.

I am completely satisfied with the product and the tags are ‘prettier’ compared to the photos. Also, it is impressive because the owner is very accommodating and I got my order in three days (less had there been no typhoon).

So if you are looking for some cute gift for your furry babies, go get them their personalized tag today! If you want to check out their prices, go check out Paws N’ Fins through following channels.


Happy shopping!

Ennui and Me

Corporate Junkie

I have learned a new word this week. Ennui. Thanks to my ever-reliable wordplay guru RC who has never stopped to amuse me with her wit.

First, let me describe what this word means according to this source:

Ennui (pronounced as ahn-wee) : a feeling of utter weariness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest; boredom:

I always seem to be laden with this feeling lately. The husband always tell me that I get bored  so easily, all the time. I start on a project and it just doesn’t progress because I am not persistent enough or I arrive at a general lack of interest at one point in time. Maybe all too soon.  I started on calligraphy and stopped a month after. I tried to revive this blog and sketched so many plans and look where it is now. I launched an online shop and it is still hanging by the moment. Gaaahhh! 

There has been something lacking in my life, truth be told. That passion. The fire that used to burn inside of me, wanting to accomplish something. Things are just not happening and it is becoming frustratingly tiring that I just held up my hands and say, “Yeah, whatever!”

My restless heart is the culprit. It goes on and on, always in circles until it breaks my sanity. Reason tells me to stay put; it wants mindful inertia, wanting me to stay on course. Because everything is okay.

On the other hand, my heart wants me to break free because just okay is not okay. It is darn waiting for an unbalanced force to throw me out of this equilibrium again.

When your mind and your heart is in disagreement, what do you do?


Following my mind is good for the long-term plans but I have to surrender to this ennui – this boredom. To be secured but bored. My mind tells me to just wait until “things” (one of them is the baby project, yes) happen. To stay still. To always stay still and be content.

Following my heart will jeopardize everything, of course, as what always happen when you are ruled by your emotions but it also gives you that tiny chance at redemption… or true happiness, perhaps? What if we risk everything now? What if it works?

Or not. That’s the most frustrating part, actually. Because we can’t foresee the future… What if I take the chance and yet, it turns out to be utterly dissatisfying or just the same – similarly disappointing.  What a bummer.

Ennui, ennui. guess we are stuck with each other. for now.



Bed Weather

Akita Philippines

Friendship is a fluid thing…

Corporate Junkie Friendship

Note: I have been thinking about this topic lately. I had a heart-to-heart talk with my best friend the other day about how friendships evolve over time and how she has become a great influence in my life and how I’d like to mirror her faith and her devotion to her family. Quite surprisingly, the topic of friendship came up again when I had a conversation with a friend who was concerned of how her other friends are falling apart and the way it is tearing her up from the inside.

I used to think that you are measured by the number of friends you have in your social network, your actual circle and so on.  As I grow older, I am  beginning to realize that really, there are very few people who you’d want to emulate and mirror in your life. Time and again, I have asked myself, who are the people I want to be associated with? I am still in the process of figuring that out so don’t count on the answer just yet.

In the meantime, here’s to the wonderful years of friendship, old and new, cheers!


Friendship is a fluid thing…

…and unlike our expectations when we were younger that friendship is set on stone, it really is not.

The friends you have last year may not be the friends you have this year. People come and go and it is nobody’s fault. Sometimes, people grow apart. Sometimes, people grow older much faster than others. No one needs to be blamed.

It’s just the way it is.

I remember five years ago when my life was full of never-ending parties. I loved my friends who loved to party – they were so gregarious, so carefree and I wanted them to be my mirror. Fast forward to today, all I want is to cocoon inside my house, snuggle with my dog and my husband and watch the Back To The Future trilogy.

While I enjoy the occasional binge drinking, I dread the morning-after feeling when bile rises up from your stomach and you are rendered officially useless for the whole weekend. Quite surprisingly, I wouldn’t trade my weekends anymore. They are too sacred.

In the same manner, I would understand if I have friends who wouldn’t want to hang out with me now… I don’t and wouldn’t expect all of my friends to grasp the idea that it feels so sinfully good to stay at home on a Friday night because that may only appeal to me. I wouldn’t expect them to understand how shopping for home accessories and plants has been more enjoyable than buying four-inch high-heeled shoes or expensive makeup. It wouldn’t have made sense to the younger me, either.

But this is the reality of life. We all have the tendency to grow apart. Again, nobody’s fault.

It’s just the way it is.

Friendship is a fluid thing…

…there are friends who stay and there are friends who leave. As we grow older, we realize that we don’t really need a big circle, just a handful of friends who you share the same values with – who sees you inside and out.

We should never force the what-could-have-beens and keep on holding on to the past. As Paulo Coelho said, cycles close and we have to move on. If things do not feel right, let it flow its own course. Only time will tell if and when the ebb of your friendship will flow back together again. Just be glad that at one point in time, you have met wonderful people in a lifetime and who knows, they may just be part of the gang again, one day too soon!

Corporate Junkie Friendship

Let’s be old ladies together.