Laboratory Costs for APAS and RI Tests

Being diagnosed with APAS, or any other category of repro-immuno disorders for that matter, can be flabbergasting. Most women who are told that they might have APAS would be asked to confirm it with a series of tests. One question that would always linger after this revelation would be the  laboratory costs for the APAS screening.

Well, here it is.

This is a table of laboratory costs offered by different labs and hospitals when you get yourself tested for any of the five RI categories. This laboratory cost table was compiled by one of my APAS sisters (sis Geepee) from the APAS Facebook group>>.


Note: This is as of February 23, 2016 so you may want to call the respective laboratories/hospitals on their updated laboratory costs/fees as they might have changed.

Being tested to know what you are facing is very important. If you are positive, please don’t despair as our condition is treatable and there are already many successful APAS mommies with their rainbow babies.

Trust in the mercy of God and at the same time, look for an OB/perinatologist to help you with your journey.  If you need any help or someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to drop me a message here or on my Facebook page.

Babydust to all of you.


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