My First Vlog

Welcome to my first video blog (or vlog, as they call it, haha.)

I am really just experimenting (or too much time in my hands, right now? haha) because I feel a little inspired (whhhuut!!)

I have been wanting to be consistent with the blog – set aside time to write as much as possible and so far, this month, I have been hitting my (self) targets.

So indulge me, my loves, and let me know what you think! Haha!


2 Responses to “My First Vlog

  • There is a special some kind of magical energy from you. It’s so nice to hear that there is someone who cares and knows how I feel even if we don’t know each other. Just A few days ago I was completely broke after loosing 3 babies:(. My heart was bleeding and I didn’t see the way out. Now I can see the light in the tunnel.Thank you!God bless you and your family <3

    • balotdelrosario
      2 months ago

      Hey Klaudia, thank you for your kind words. I am so saddened by your news. I cannot imagine your pain. I have two angels, too. First, I lost at 5 weeks and my second one at 11 weeks. That was in 2012 and 2013. I didn’t know how I survived. It almost ruined my marriage but looking back now, those moments in my life made us stronger as a couple and moreso, as a family.

      Writing about it helped me a lot. It was the only solace I had. And somehow, I had to pay it forward because I know what you’re saying about people not really knowing how we feel when we lose our babies ūüôĀ It is just not comparable to anything. Not unless you have gone through the same. Sending virtual hugs to you <3

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