Bacolod Foodtrip Day 5: Felicia’s

Yesterday was my last day in Bacolod. I have not posted my entry last night because the queue for cab at NAIA Terminal 3 was horrible and I was not able to open my laptop anymore.


True to my promise of trying out something new during my five-day stay in Bacolod, husband and I capped our trip with some merienda at Felicia’s. We initially went to 6th Street but there were no parking. We then decided to go to Robinson’s Bacolod to pass time, a little disappointed that we were not able to try Felicia’s (I promised on my first day, coming from Mely’s Garden that I would try it there). To my surprise, there is a branch in Robinson’s Bacolod. I know, I know, my memory sucks!


Felicia’s at Robinson’s Bacolod can seat around 15-20 people.



They have several products that you can take home with you, as pasalubong or what-not.



Similar to Calea, they have a wide variety of cakes as well. They also have macarons and some home-made crispies.


I heard from a friend that their macarons are good. I didn’t have the chance to try it though.





Husband ordered a grilled sandwich and a shake. It was a little disappointing. He found the mayo in his grilled sandwich odd. We did not take a picture anymore because it was not that photo-worthy.



On my end, I ordered a Pavlava, which is a meringue cake with custard. I found it a little too sweet for my taste (I have low tolerance for sweetness).





Their coffee so far, is the cheapest, comparing it with Calea and 365 Modern Cafe — a cup is only PHP45. You can opt to add flavor syrups for PHP20. I chose Amoratto (I suppose this is Amoretto; tastes like the Amoretto Sour I order in Bugsy’s).




Overall, I still prefer the cakes of Calea and the coffee of Museum Cafe and 365 Modern Cafe.  I think this time around, my expectations were too high that’s why I was a little bit disappointed. Or maybe, I ordered the wrong items?


How about you, loves? Have you tried Felicia’s? What did you like?



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